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[Rules] Read this First!

Post by Khyrena on Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:38 pm

Delthor is a series of small sub-planets, locked in a ring-like orbit around a larger, main planet. Each sub-planet has its own culture, but for the most part, they act as a whole. A single representative for each planet in the system comes together to create the Delthorian ruling council, and any laws for the system as a whole must go through this council.

Despite this lawmaking system, the sub-planets tend to ignore much of the law, although some cities are very lawful. The main planet has a spaceport, but other than that, the system is largely locked within itself. Anyone wanting to travel beyond the bounds of the system from within it will need to go to Delthor-1. Despite the lawlessness of the sub-planets, being the representative of a sub-planet has excellent job security. Along with a detail of guards, the job is highly respected, and very few representatives are... forcefully retired.

Note: Any who wish to create a guild or gang, or any group such as that should contact me. I will review your request, and either approve or deny it. If it is approved, you will get a member group as well as a special forum/thread for your activities.
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