[Casual] Chella's Home

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[Casual] Chella's Home

Post by Chella on Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:52 pm

A ragged house, tilted slightly to one side and nearly collapsing every time a wind blows sits just outside Kenkari City limits. A crude sign, painted in orange with black lettering, is slapped onto a broken tree in front of the hut. It reads: "Chella's House. Do Not Disturb."

A trapdoor underneath a dirty brown bed leads into a gleaming steel room, floor heated and a large monitor hovering in mid-air next to a gigantic, beautiful bed. A docking port for a hover-chair for the disabled is built crudely into one wall. A series of pictures along the opposite wall show the life of a fox woman, everything from birth to adulthood. All of the pictures past a certain point in adolescence picture the fox in a floating chair, her legs wrapped in bandages and steel casts. A label overtop the series shows the woman to be Chella.

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