Crime Lord Athena's apartment [Enter at own risk]

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Crime Lord Athena's apartment [Enter at own risk]

Post by Lucy van Allen on Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:34 pm

Athena's apartment is one of the most dangerous places on Delthor-4 to enter without permission. Several undead creatures of all kind walk freely through her rooms. Fields of pure necrotic energy are in every room, ready to curse and decay everyone who dares to enter without the permission of Athena personally. That aside, the apartment is decorated in green, black and violet, creating a rather spooky atmosphere. Near everything one could imagine in a luxury apartment can be found here, from expensive furniture, over a luxurious bath, to a private holographic projector and displayed antiques. Only few have ever seen her bedroom, and even fewer have survived it. However, of those that survived, none told a single soul about what happened there...
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