Black Comet's Fleet [Informational]

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Black Comet's Fleet [Informational]

Post by Lucy van Allen on Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:05 am

The Shinigami . Athena's personal flagship and Black Comet's biggest symbol of power (Shinotoshi aside). Thanks to its advanced stealth-shield and black energy shield (powered by an imprisoned Grim Reaper), it is able to appear and dissapear anytime during a battle, without leaving a trace of its existence. However, the Shinigami is mainly used for legal mercenary missions to cover up the illegal businesses of the organisation.

Mosquito and Shroud ships. These two hunter class ships are specialised in taking down smaller ships that move too fast for the Flagship to follow. The Mosquito class mainly acts as Hunters, whereas the Shroud class takes on the role of hunter/bombers. Specially configurated Shrouds and Mosquitos are also used by the Assassins of the guild, capable of landing everywhere without being seen.

(Other ships classes will be added over time)
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